Introducing Elevate's newest innovation for fast, convenient psychiatric care.


WHAT IS Telepsychiatry?

Elevate's new telepsychiatry service "E2" allows you to have your appointments in the privacy and comfort of your home or office.

Telepsychiatry lets you connect online with your psychiatric provider from anywhere in the world. Appointments are conducted over a secure "video chat" on the internet which allows you to see your provider "virtually" without having to visit our Miami office. We provide complete psychiatric evaluations and medication management using high-quality technology to ensure you receive the best care. Prescriptions can be submitted electronically and sent to your preferred pharmacy in seconds. There is no software to download or equipment to buy, all you need is a basic laptop or tablet.

E2 patients receive the same outstanding psychiatric treatment at Elevate Psychiatry, with the added flexibility of having their appointments take place where ever they are. Unlike other companies, our telepsych providers are real providers at Elevate so you can choose to come in anytime and meet your provider in person. Many patients use a combination of E2 and office visits to accommodate demanding schedules. E2 is designed to fit every lifestyle.

By appointment only.




Most patients are eligible for E2. We treat telepsych patients throughout the state and in many cases can continue treatment solely online. Some patients may require office visits. Contact our team to determine if telepsych is right for you. Certain medications are not able to be refilled using E2, please ask your provider. 

E2 is currently only available to Florida patients. Telepsychiatry is a convenient way to become an Elevate patient, even if you're not a local.


Register Here: info@elevatepsychiatry.com.


How Much Does IT COst?


The fees for E2 appointments or Elevate office visits are the same. That means you can choose what's best for you without worrying about spending more. We believe everybody should have access to affordable psychiatric care. All our fees are listed here.

E2 has a one-time registration fee of $59. There are no other recurring charges or hidden fees. E2 requires a valid credit card to be kept on file at all times. We do not accept cash for E2.