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Her Campus: "5 Things To Think About If You're Considering Antidepressants"

"When it comes to anxiety and depression, there are different options to take when it comes to treatment. Something that could be worth a try is antidepressant medication, even though that might not be an easy decision to make. If you’re considering going on antidepressants, which can be used to treat a variety of mental illnesses other than depression as well, here are five things to think about, both while you’re making up your mind and if you do decide to go ahead with them. Make sure to talk to your doctor about it to inform your decision."

Everyday Health: "6 Ways To Reduce Stress With Diabetes"

"Stress management can be an important part of managing type 2 diabetes. Discover how to recognize diabetes-related stress and then how to unwind from it."

Prevention: "7 Physical Signs Of Depression Your Might Not Expect"

"Most of us know the textbook symptoms of depression, like irritability, fatigue, and a feeling of sadness you just can't shake. But what about muscle aches, tummy troubles, or waking up before dawn? Surprisingly, these can also be warning signs of depression—and if you're not sure whether your current funk is anything to worry about, they can help clue you in that something deeper is going on. Here are a few lesser-known symptoms to look out for."